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The supply of high-end talent, government investmen

t in culture and education, attractiveness for foreign investment and consumption scale are also indicators under consideration. Shanghai has the highest infrastructure and cultural environment indexes, and the financi al hub’s talent, technological innovation and financing indexes are in the top three of the country. Although Beijing’s soft environment index ranked first among all Chinese […]

The province has given 1.69 million registered poo

 students stipends worth a total of 5.3 billion yuan ($777 million) since 2015, according to Guizhou’s Education Department. While working out its strategy to impart knowledge to rural children, Guizh ou has also taken into consideration that many kids come to school hungry. According to Bao Benqi of the provincial Education Department, the Guizhou government […]

hina, US hold 10th round of high-level trade consultations

Chinese Vice-Premier Liu He, US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin held the t enth round of China-US high-level economic and trade consultations in Beijing from Tuesday to Wednesday. As planned, the two sides will hold the 11th round of high-level economic and trade consultations in Washington D.C. next week.This combo photo […]

And the challenges of environmental protection and

And the challenges of environmental protection and climate change were add ressed, including the need to enhance our cooperation to implement the Paris Agreement. President Xi’s commitment to ecological development and the pursuit of harmony between man and nature are important st eps. hope the message in President Xi’s speech is taken seriously by everyone constructing […]

While the New Zealand attacks were crimes committ

tted by a white extremist against the local Muslim society, Islamic extremists were behind the atrocities that mainly targeted Christia ns in Sri Lanka, with the Islamic State terrorist group claiming responsibility, although this has yet to be verified. But, no matter who is behind such attacks, countries should not stand idly by or question […]

After 9/11, the US surveillance became more intensif

fied. Shortly after the attack, the US government introduced the Patriot Act, the Accuracy Act and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which formed a comprehensive intelligence surv eillance network. According to a survey by Privacy International in 2007 covering 47 countries, the United States ran ked first in the monitoring index. But the United States […]

The company will not cancel social insurance and housi

sing funds for the sake of cost-cutting, Liu said, adding some staff made 80,000 yuan a month in pilot areas for the new salary regime in southern China’s second and third-tier cities. Earlier this year, rumors spread that China’s e-commerce giant would can cel couriers’ basic salary and reduce welfare. The company confirmed the salary […]