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He said that it’s of great importance to promote such philos

philosophies to enhance the exchanges and mutual learning of diverse civilizations. Frederick W. Russell-Rivoallan, a program specialist and head of social and human sciences for UNESCO, hailed the dialogue of Asian civilizations. “It’s a great way to concentrate in this part of world, but it’s also a global inspiration – bringing countries together, understanding other […]

he bill establishes a technical assistance mechanism bet

tween law enforcement departments, intelligence agencies and private institutions. In short, it authorizes Australia’s national law enforcement to issu e mandatory “Technical Assistance Notices”, “Technical Capability Notices” and “Computer Access and Assistance Ord ers” to all communication providers. Upon receiving the notification and instruction, the communication provider mu st undertake a number of activities, for […]

Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, which leads the

 country in very-long-baseline interferometry, the technique the telescope array used for the black hole image, took the lead in organizing and coordinating Chinese researchers particip ation in the EHT observations and studies, Shen said. That allowed Shanghai to b e one of the six cities worldwide involved in the simultaneous news conferences on Wednesday. No […]

They are both staunch supporters of free trade and mul

ultilateralism, and with the United States increasingly opting for unilateralism in international affairs, China and the EU can str engthen their coordination within the framework of the United Nations and buttress the role of multilateral mecha nisms including the World Trade Organization and the International Monetary Fund. Beijing and Brussels are also two important voices […]

Obscure parliamentary procedures have been resurrecte

 providing daily drama from the House of Commons but making the future of Britain’s biggest change in generations no clearer. After finally recognising that her minority Conservative g overnment could not push through a Brexit deal on its own, May started talks this w eek with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in the hope of coming […]

With an increasing number of donations and surg

eries performed every year, authorities have also established a computerized supervision syst em that covers the entire sector, including organ donation, retrieval, distribut ion and transplant, so they are under the supervision of health authorities, she said. Despite the increase in the number of donors, a shortage of organs is still seve re in China, […]